3 Dispensing Paths for Dispensing Technology

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2022-12-15 18:19:01

PCB are sometimes processed by dispensing machines, which are mainly used for waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, and long-term effective protection of PCB and some electronic components that are sensitive to some electronic equipment. In the dispensing process, there are 3 dispensing paths. Do you know which 3 are?

1. I-shaped Distribution Path

The I-shaped dispensing path, also known as the straight-line dispensing path, is suitable for dispensing where a small area is required at the edge of the chip. The length of the dispensing route is generally 50% to 125% of the edge length of the chip. Longer lines can help reduce the curing time of the glue at the edge of the chip, but increase the possibility of trapping some air bubbles, so care needs to be taken to control the amount of glue used.

2. L-shaped Dispensing Path

The L-shaped dispensing path is dispensing along the adjacent two sides of the chip. The glue has the shortest flow time and the shortest curing time, which is also conducive to improving the quality of void-free filling.

3. U-shaped Dispensing Path

The U-shaped dispensing path is similar to the L-shaped dispensing path. The difference is that it is longer than the L-shaped path. The advantage is that it can increase the filling amount of the corners, and the U shape can also be used for the surrounding edge after the straight dispensing path.

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