What are the Advantages of Metal Base PCB?

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2022-12-21 15:22:52

Metal PCB: It is a circuit board made of a metal substrate. It is mainly divided into aluminum base, copper base and iron base PCB. Among them, the application of aluminum base PCB is the most, and the application of iron base PCB is a minority. So what are the advantages of these metal base PCB?

1. Heat Dissipation

Some circuit board have high density and high power, and it is difficult to dissipate heat. But metal base PCB has good heat dissipation to solve this problem. Comparing the 3 metal base PCB: the copper base PCB has the best heat dissipation effect and the most expensive one.

2. Thermal expansion

When some components are heated to a certain temperature, they will expand. Since the metal base PCB has good heat dissipation, this problem can be effectively alleviated, and the durability and reliability of the electronic device can be improved.

3. Size Stability

Under the action of force, heat or other external conditions, the outline dimensions of the metal base PCB do not change greatly. For example, when the aluminum base PCB is heated from 30to 140~150, there is only a small change in size. So, the dimensional stability of metal base PCB is better than that of insulating materials.

4. Wide Range of Applications

The application of metal base PCB is very range. Among them, copper base PCB are more suitable for high-frequency circuits, and aluminum base PCB are the most common in the LED field. In addition, it is also used in high-power products, precision communication equipment, power supply devices, automotive electronics and other fields.

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