What Interference Should be Considered When PCB Manufacturing?

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2020-01-08 17:23:12

PCB manufacturing is a process design with strong skills and practicability, and the evaluation of circuit board design is multifaceted. Not only does the lines not cross, but also reasonable, beautiful, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, so as not to cause all kinds of interference due to irrational typesetting design. So, what interference factors should be considered when manufacturing PCB with good performance?

1. Disturbances caused by improper grounding and design

When PCB manufacturing, please consider interference caused by improper ground wire layout and design. The main point is to ensure that the ground potential in the design is zero. This method is to try to prevent different loop currents from flowing through the common ground at the same time, concentrate the ground points of the same level circuit as much as possible, widen the width of the ground conductor, and use a ring or semi-ring grounding, etc.

2. Consider electromagnetic interference caused by improper component placement

The electromagnetic interference factors caused by improper arrangement of components also need to be considered when manufacturing circuit boards.It is mainly the interference caused by parasitic coupling between parallel lines and the alternating magnetic field between electromagnetic components. The main measures are to reduce the long and parallel wiring arrangement, the double sided board wires should be perpendicular to each other on both sides, the digital signal wires should be arranged close to the ground wires, and the electromagnetic components should be placed vertically and shielded.

3. Thermal Interference

Thermal interference should also be considered when manufacturing circuit boards, mainly considering the thermal conduction and thermal radiation interference of heating elements to surrounding components, especially for heat-sensitive components. There are many measures to reduce thermal interference, such as improving the ventilation condition when components are set, choosing an appropriate installation location, and installing a heat sink device on the heating elements and so on.

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