What to Pay Attention to When Using Solder Mask Ink?

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2022-06-08 16:46:27

In the PCB manufacturing process, the role of the solder mask is to protect the copper foil from being exposed to the outside. Coat a permanent protective film on the surface of the PCB to selectively shield the wires so that the graphics are not damaged and there will be no short circuit occurs during solder mask. There are many problems when using solder mask ink. Do you know what to pay attention to when using solder mask ink?

1. Before using the solder mask ink, please stir it evenly by hand or mechanically. In order to prevent air immersion in the solder mask ink during the mixing process and generate bubbles, the ink needs to be left for a period of time before use.

2. If the solder mask ink needs to be diluted, please mix it first and then check its viscosity. It must be stored separately after use. Please do not mix the solder mask ink on the mesh board with the unused solder mask ink.

3. The temperature of the solder mask ink should be kept at 20-25 ℃ as far as possible. If the temperature changes too much, the viscosity of the solder mask ink and the quality of the screen printed ink will be affected.

4. If you want to maintain the quality of the solder mask ink, please store it at room temperature. When the solder mask ink is stored in different temperature environments, put it in a normal temperature environment before use to make it reach the appropriate temperature. If the temperature is too low, direct use will cause screen printing failure.

5. When the solder mask ink needs to be dried, please place it in a device with a good exhaust system to ensure the quality of the solder mask ink.

6. After using the solder mask ink, please clean the equipment in time and use a cleaning agent specially designed to clean the ink. No matter what color of solder mask ink is used, the equipment must be cleaned at one time , so that it will not affect the next use of other colors of solder mask ink.

The above are some precautions for using solder mask ink. There are many colors of solder mask inks. Green is the most widely used color in the PCB industry, accounting for about 90% of the PCB market. In addition to green PCBs, blue, red, black, white, and yellow are also common colors. HoYoGo has launched pink PCB and purple PCB, which are very beautiful, providing a wealth of choices for more electronic technology enthusiasts, and also satisfying their expectations and requirements for colors.

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