Wide Application of FPC in Medical Equipment

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2021-04-09 10:02:41

SHENZHEN HOYOGO ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.is a international, professional, reliable FPC Factory. We have a PCB production plant with a monthly production capacity of 500,000 square meters. Our UL number is E493066.

In China, with the rapid development of the technology and electronics industry, coupled with the country’s emphasis on health care, people’s health awareness has also been continuously strengthened. So, the rapid development of medical equipment is promoted, which is widely used in ordinary households, and the market demand is also increasing.

In the design and application of medical equipment, because FPC flexible circuit boards are light, thin, flexible, and bendable, they are very suitable for the needs of portable medical equipment and are widely used in medical equipment. Many customers find FPC Factory to customize medical equipment FPC boards, including equipment used in hospitals, ultrasonic equipment, probe equipment of various instruments, medical equipment buttons and so on.

As a consumer electronics, household portable medical electronic equipment is growing year by year in China. Electronic pressure meters, portable blood glucose meters, electronic hearing aids, various elderly monitoring devices, etc., are also widely used in ordinary households.

Medical equipment has very strict requirements for FPC flexible circuit boards, and the accuracy is also very high, so we must find a professional and high-quality FPC Factory. As a professional FPC manufacturer, HOYOGO PCB company, we currently have mature production technology on FPC boards for electronic pressure meters, electronic hearing aids, portable blood glucose meters, elderly monitors, and other products. At the same time, we are also working hard to develop products in various fields in collaboration with many customers in the medical equipment industry.